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The Whole (Foods) Experience, Pt 2

My decision to fast and seek God “coincidentally” happened to coincide with Awakening 21 and during that month I surrendered myself completely to God. All my worries about my future and career, my family, my calling, and financial problems I put it all in God’s hands and focused ALL my attention on Him. I didn’t merely want to hear and know His will, but I wanted the ability and heart to obey His will passionately and joyfully.

Glass Half-full

My life has strangely played out in a series of halves: ethnicity (half-Japanese, half European), childhood (overweight, above-average athlete) and (persecuting atheist, Christian school-goer) elementary (class clown, 8th-grade valedictorian), high school (honors scholar, All-league varsity football), college (pre-med, frat boy) and I managed to balance these pretty well... that is until med school. Let me explain:

Let Our Voices Be Heard

There was a time when every citizen of the United States sought the right to vote. A great war was fought and several key amendments to the Constitution were passed to allow all peoples to participate in the great American democracy project. In the past, men and women, black and white, Christians and non-Christians, faithfully turned out on election days to cast their ballots.

Dental Outreach Recap

Dental students from HMCC’s Medical Outreach Ministry hosted an educational session at Hikone Community Center on Tuesday October 9, 2007. Eighteen children (ages 3 to 14 years old) and three resident staff members attended this interactive teaching session on basic oral care. We spent time explaining and demonstrating proper brushing technique and emphasized the importance of flossing daily.

Healing People Through Song

I sang "Amazing Grace" at my Grandmother's funeral. I remember singing that line "I once was lost, but now am found" when the people in the audience simultaneously said "amen." But the way they said "amen" was so genuine and sincere that it was as if the words pressed upon their hearts. Afterwards, a pastor approached my parents and said that he's heard many powerful, soulful gospel singers, but there was something…something about me. At the time, I simply thought he was someone who appreciated my singing.

Med Outreach to Host Flu Clinic in Low Income Housing Centers, Oct 27th

HMCC's Med Outreach Team has been holding flu clinics at two different low income community centers in Ann Arbor -- Green Baxter and Hikone -- annually for the past two years. This year, the team will host the clinics on Saturday, October 27th. The GreenBaxter flu clinic will start at 9:30am and the Hikone flu clinic will start at noon.
Each clinic will run for approximately 2 hours. The clinics have been an unbelievable opportunity to minister to the community by building relationships with families and giving them much needed preventative medical care.

Med Outreach to Conduct Dental Outreach at Hikone Community Center

HMCC's Med Outreach Team will be conducting an interactive presentation and introduction on what dentistry is using diagrams as well as providing some instruction on proper diet (what food is good, what is bad) on Tuesday, October 9th at the Hikone Community Center. Additionally, they will be providing some teaching how to brush/floss properly. During this time, they will give out toothbrushes to the children so they can practice their technique. Members of the team will help them and make sure that their technique is appropriate (provide individualized attention).