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Why Psychiatry?

People often ask me 'why psychiatry?' I offer this example that God redeems my work:

"Dear Dr. Morairty,

Patients with Pain/Patience with Pain

In dental school we studied a lot about pain. We defined pain as the perception or experience of current or future physical and/or emotional harm. Physical pain involves large unmyelinated/slower "C" nerve fibers (more like dull/chronic pain), as well as smaller myelinated/faster "alpha-something" nerve fibers (for heat/cold/temperature pain)... uhh... something nerdy like that. Some people are born without those nerves that sense pain, and end up seriously harming themselves.

Amazing Grace in Prison

After reading the “Heavenly Man” this past summer, I received an email that caught my attention: “Job Alert: Full/Part time nurse practitioners for Department of Corrections….”

A Housewife, an Orphan, a Mission

On Saturday, March 29th, several members from the Medical Outreach, IMPACT and FOCUS ministries had the opportunity to partner with M-HEAL (Health Engineered for All Lives, a University of Michigan-based service organization focused on improving the health of communities around the world). We had the opportunity to go to the World Medical Relief (WMR) headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. (

Not One or the Other: Being a Christian Physician

I entered medical school with a strong sense of calling. Despite what I now recognize as good credentials, I had a tough time with applications and ended up applying twice, only to get in at the last possible moment after one of the latest-possible interviews. It was because of these pitfalls and my undeniable enjoyment of my medical school coursework that I felt my calling confirmed.

Psychiatry 101 - A Christian Worldview

When people find out I’m a psychiatrist I tend to get two types of reactions:

Looking Ahead to the Future

Growing up in suburban New Jersey, I would say that I had a very comfortable upbringing. I was able to experience several missions trips within the United States, had the opportunity to enroll in honors classes, and to cap it all off, I was accepted into the University of Michigan!

From Ignorance to Passion

Something I’ve come to recognize and understand recently is that God’s heart for the lost is HUGE. Even when I feel a burden and a passion for a global issue, I realize that my comprehension of it is still so little, and that the need for the gospel message is enormous.

The Global Health Crisis: Why You Should Care & Read This

Today there was a talk given by Dr. Tadataka Yamada, president, of the Global Health Program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dental Outreach Recap

Dental students from HMCC’s Medical Outreach Ministry hosted an educational session at Hikone Community Center on Tuesday October 9, 2007. Eighteen children (ages 3 to 14 years old) and three resident staff members attended this interactive teaching session on basic oral care. We spent time explaining and demonstrating proper brushing technique and emphasized the importance of flossing daily.