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Students: Start Your Social Ventures Today!

What do the following four social ventures all have in common: Driptech, D.Light, Click Diagnostics, and Embrace?

They were all started by students. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Winners of the Transformasphere Actionable Idea Contest

The winners of the 2008 Transformasphere Actionable Idea contest are the following:

Ann Arbor: Amber Kao, Anita Park, Junia Kim, Paul Kim, Tim Lee
Chicago: Olivia Kim, Zhen Cheng

To view the Ann Arbor winning submission, click here
To view the Chicago winning submission, click here

A video of the Ann Arbor project idea can be viewed below:

Transformasphere Actionable Idea Contest!

The Transformasphere Movement was birthed with a passion to see the major spheres within society and culture transformed by the Gospel message. We believe that God calls His people to shine the radiance of Christ into the world, in all its areas, bringing restoration and value to communities in both word and deed.

Project-ing—A Fine Balance

Snow was falling fluffy, but fast, lit orange by the streetlights outside the hospital room window. It was late and though I was tired, I was glad for the dim lighting of the room. L’s somber face barely hid her broken heart and spirit, her helplessness and hopelessness permeating the room. We had brought her baby guitar and my sister strummed as I sang sad songs from a Peter, Paul and Mary record we’d listened to as children.

More Together Than As Individuals

As I have been traveling throughout Southeast Asia the past few days, I have been greatly encouraged to hear testimonies and stories from HMCC alumni who are trying to live out the Gospel message in their spheres of influence. One alum is leveraging the power of business to create an innovative approach to share the Gospel through high-end cafes. Another is thinking of ways to use art and design to uplift and encourage the poor.

Tranformation for the Long Haul

Wow, CORNY. In his attempt to passionately convey the spirit and meaning of the “transformasphere” movement, Pastor Seth whipped out seven colored balls signifying the various spheres in society and explained how each color correlated with a respective sphere – ‘Red is for healthcare…because of blood!’.

40 DTD: Stewarding God's Giftings

I've had the privilege of working closely in the process of securing HMCC's future home, particularly on the financial and legal end of things. It has been a joy for me because I have been able to utilize the skill sets that I gained while working on Wall Street and in corporate finance at General Motors; the years of projecting future cash flows on Excel to complete billion dollar transactions are now proving to be extremely useful!

The Often Missing Component of a Social Venture: Humility

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40 Days to Destiny

Dear Church Family,

I just wanted to remind all of you of the start of the 40-Days to Destiny. It is my sincere prayer that everyone in our church will participate. This will be a journey of faith. We are expecting God to do some awesome things in the next 40 days (March 3rd through April 11th).

Here are some things to keep in mind as we start:

1) MORNING PRAYER – For the next 40 days we will have our morning prayer at University Reformed Church (URC) at 6:30AM instead of Campus Chapel. Please make a note of this.

Bringing Light to North Korea

To me, the Transformasphere Movement means expanding the Kingdom of God in the field that I identify myself to be a part of.