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Students: Start Your Social Ventures Today!

What do the following four social ventures all have in common: Driptech, D.Light, Click Diagnostics, and Embrace?

They were all started by students. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Redefined: CBI Semester 2

CBI has gone through much in this past semester, and it’s time for a quick update:

The Often Missing Component of a Social Venture: Humility

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CBI: BBA Application Workshop Sat 2/9

Christian Business Initiative aka CBI invites you to:

"What Does a BBA Mean?"
This Saturday (2/9) @ 12:30-3:00PM
Michigan Union - Sophia B. Jones Room (1st floor)

Run by sophomore-senior BBAs, this workshop will give you insight into what a BBA is all about and help you prepare your application for the March 31 deadline. Work 1-on-1 with a mentor and ask questions to our BBA panel.

Please invite your friends out to this! Please RSVP and forward the following link to anyone that may be interested:

Nicholas Kristof on Social Entrepreneurship

Nicholas Kristof writes a beautiful op-ed piece on the role of social entrepreneur in today's society. I have been working in this space for the past year and agree with him entirely. Click Here.

On another note, I've been invited to be a staff writer for the World Resource Institute and will begin writing blog entries for this week! I'm pretty excited about this! Check it out here.


Schaumburg, Ill. That was my dream as I started college back in 1997. I came in as a freshmen to UofM with lofty dreams of cruising through computer engineering, gradating early, getting a job at Motorola in Schaumburg and enjoying life by making a lot of money. This was my dream. Little did I know that God always has different plans and those plans began to take shape as soon as I arrived in Ann Arbor.

CBI Presents Bi-Weekly Gathering

Christian Business Initiative (CBI) presents BI-WEEKLY GROUP GATHERINGS

First meeting: Friday, October 26
Who: All undergraduates interested in business-related careers
What: A consistent meeting time for people who want to change the world
Where: 1364 Geddes Ave, Apt B
When: Every first and third Fridays of the month @ 5:30PM over dinner before HMCC's ACCESS

Christian Business Initiative: God’s Movement

God desires to redeem business for his glory. In high school, I was directionless and passionless. But God had grand plans for me, calling me towards business and the poor, to the University of Michigan, to Harvest Mission Community Church, and eventually to Christian Business Initiative (CBI). I knew nothing of these plans back in high school. Even now, I know so little of where God is taking me, but I’m in it for the ride because I trust that God has a well-designed plan ahead.

Philanthropic Venture Capitalists

I had the chance to meet Jacqueline Novogratz and the Acumen Fund team in NYC a few months ago. Acumen is a philathropic venture capital nonprofit that takes charitable dollars and invests in scalable and sustainable organizations serving those at the base of the pyramid. Investments are made in water, health, housing, and energy.

This video below is definitely worth the watch, even if you are not a business person.

Can God use venture capital and private equity for the Kingdom? You better believe it.

Goodbye Wall Street, Hello Life

By Moses Lee
(Originally Published on December 2, 2002 in the Monroe Street Journal, the Newspaper of the Ross School of Business)