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Med Outreach to Conduct Dental Outreach at Hikone Community Center

HMCC's Med Outreach Team will be conducting an interactive presentation and introduction on what dentistry is using diagrams as well as providing some instruction on proper diet (what food is good, what is bad) on Tuesday, October 9th at the Hikone Community Center. Additionally, they will be providing some teaching how to brush/floss properly. During this time, they will give out toothbrushes to the children so they can practice their technique. Members of the team will help them and make sure that their technique is appropriate (provide individualized attention).

Hopeful Cynic

This wasn’t supposed to happen. By now, I should’ve been in medical school. Or at least medical school bound. But then a failed class in genetics, a few retreats, and a couple of summer missions trips later, here I am.

What about the Engineers?

As we have been trying to get the Transformasphere Movement in high gear, there have been some questions raised regarding how some professions fall into the seven spheres (CHARGED). One group of professionals in particular in our church who has been asking questions is the engineers. How does engineering fit into the Transformasphere Movement? There does not seem to be a clear category. Why are we being left out? (And I am sure that there are other professionals in other fields who are asking similar questions).

Engineers Solving Global Problems

“M.I.T. has nurtured dozens of Nobel Prize winners in cerebral realms like astrophysics, economics and genetics. But lately, the institute has turned its attention toward concrete thinking to improve the lives of the world’s bottom billion, those who live on a dollar a day or less and who often die young.”

A Touchy Subject

I've always had an interest in politics, but, like talking about Jesus, talking about politics is one of those topics that tends to get people upset. Even when discussing political issues with other Christians, it's very easy to offend or begin to judge another's views. Because of this, I usually just keep my thoughts to myself in the interest of peace and not rocking the boat.

Goodbye Wall Street, Hello Life

By Moses Lee
(Originally Published on December 2, 2002 in the Monroe Street Journal, the Newspaper of the Ross School of Business)

One Life Transformed

I was recently reflecting back on the 8 years since I moved to Ann Arbor and how much my life has changed in that time. It seems like ancient history, but it wasn't very long ago that I was a firmly-rooted atheist with no interest in, and in fact a disdain for, the church and Jesus Christ. These reflections cause me to think past myself and wonder, what will it take to see more people's lives transformed in the same way that mine was? What will cause a person to turn from their old life and live for Jesus?

Who Decides for the Poor?

Aneel Karnani, in a recent article on microfinance published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, writes:

"Overall, governments, businesses, and civil society would be well advised to reallocate their resources and energies away from microfinance and into supporting larger enterprises in labor intensive industries. ...they should provide basic services that improve the employability and productivity of the poor. Otherwise, they will miss the mark of lifting people out of poverty."

The Undeniable Word of "Transformasphere"

If some of you grew up in the 1980s, you probably know about "The Transformers." It was a classic series that depicted a war between robots that would transform into these cool vehicles, animals, and other objects. It was every kid’s dream to have one of those Transformer toy robots. Recently, Dreamworks and Paramount Pictures even came out with a movie called, "Transformers."

Deploying Core Talents

I was in the slums of Nairobi in 2002. I remember being completely overwhelmed by the living conditions of the poor: large families cramped into little rooms, putrid refuse scattered throughout, young children left seemingly hopeless. I remember thinking to myself, what can possibly be done?