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Addressing HIV/AIDS in Ann Arbor

On this past Monday, Dec. 3, 2007, HMCC’s Creative Worship Team hosted an AIDS benefit (in response to World AIDS Day—Dec. 1) at Sweetwater’s Café in downtown Ann Arbor. There was an amazing turnout -- the space was so packed, it was standing room only. Who knew that there could be such a connection between the arts and the AIDS crisis?

A Transformasphere Cartoon!

Un-separating Church and School, Un-secularizing the Arts

Dr. Marilyn Mason (NOT Manson!) is the University of Michigan School of Music's Organ Department chair. In addition to her faculty position, she is the organist at First Congregational Church, right in the middle of central campus. She is also a former resident of the Martha Cook Building (student residence) a couple blocks down the road, where she continues to visit for an occasional dinner. Dr. Mason has traveled all around the world to share her music, while influencing generations of students here at the U of Michigan, in and
out of the classroom.

Excel Academy: Bringing Education into the Community

Excel Academy started as a step of faith—God’s prompt for HMCC to become active in the Ann Arbor community through the means of education. Excel serves the community by providing educational programs to see every child excel academically. We knew that there were many international families in Ann Arbor who had children needing and wanting to learn English. We started in 2005 as a two week summer English program for the international population.

Let Our Voices Be Heard

There was a time when every citizen of the United States sought the right to vote. A great war was fought and several key amendments to the Constitution were passed to allow all peoples to participate in the great American democracy project. In the past, men and women, black and white, Christians and non-Christians, faithfully turned out on election days to cast their ballots.

Much To Be Thankful For

I love breaks like this week because it allows me to take time out to reflect on where I’ve been and where God is leading. In light of Thanksgiving week, I’ve come up with my “Top 3” that I am most thankful for:

1. The Pursuit of Christ

I love how Jesus never stops pursuing after me.

A Focus on Habitation in Detroit

On Saturday, Nov 17, 2007, 16 young adults from the Focus ministry volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit Christian ministry dedicated to building decent, affordable housing in partnership with those in need in the city of Detroit. We started the day early, fully aware that we would be missing the biggest GAME of the year (only to realize later that our time was probably much better spent building homes)!

Tackling The Quarterlife Crisis at Sweetwaters Cafe

This past Tuesday, the single adults in the Ann Arbor community came together for The Night Life event hosted by members of the Focus Ministry of HMCC. It was a fun night of music and discussion as we tacked the issue of the "quarter life crisis."

Are You Being Brainwashed?

Imagine yourself sitting in a chair at a long table. Around this table are a group of energetic, somewhat strange, yet all particularly talented people. And to your right, at the head of the table, is an older fellow who is clearly starting a meeting.


Schaumburg, Ill. That was my dream as I started college back in 1997. I came in as a freshmen to UofM with lofty dreams of cruising through computer engineering, gradating early, getting a job at Motorola in Schaumburg and enjoying life by making a lot of money. This was my dream. Little did I know that God always has different plans and those plans began to take shape as soon as I arrived in Ann Arbor.