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Social Entrepreneurship Class

“Today the most remarkable young people are the social entrepreneurs, those who see a problem in society and roll up their sleeves to address it in new ways.” - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

Psychiatry 101 - A Christian Worldview

When people find out I’m a psychiatrist I tend to get two types of reactions:

A Valentine's Day with God

An excerpt from a recent New York Times article on why the 25th anniversary is so elusive for married couples:

“We know that somewhere between 40 percent and 50 percent of marriages dissolve,” said Barbara Risman, executive officer of the Council on Contemporary Families, a research group. “Now, when people marry, everyone wonders, is this one of those marriages that will be around for awhile.”

CBI: BBA Application Workshop Sat 2/9

Christian Business Initiative aka CBI invites you to:

"What Does a BBA Mean?"
This Saturday (2/9) @ 12:30-3:00PM
Michigan Union - Sophia B. Jones Room (1st floor)

Run by sophomore-senior BBAs, this workshop will give you insight into what a BBA is all about and help you prepare your application for the March 31 deadline. Work 1-on-1 with a mentor and ask questions to our BBA panel.

Please invite your friends out to this! Please RSVP and forward the following link to anyone that may be interested: http://umichigan.facebook.com/event.php?eid=9797727817

The "R"

You know when you go to a buffet and you try a little bit of everything? That pretty much describes my Transformasphere journey.

Girl Matters - An Introduction

We are currently in the midst of a historical election. In particular, the prospect of electing a woman as a candidate for presidency is a monument to the woman’s suffrage movements of the early 1800’s. The different waves of women’s movements that have taken place since then, have significantly shaped our perspective of what it means to be a woman today. As a Christian woman however, how do key values of the postmodern woman fit into Christian worldview? How do things such as power or freedom translate into a Christian woman’s thoughts, behavior and relationships?

A Liberal Evangelicals Can Love

A response to an op-ed written by Nicholas Kristof entitled, "Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love."

Education at the Grassroots

Education has always been the Plain Jane of the working world. It’s the cute, low- maintenance job that people always approve of, but never want to date for themselves. The sexier fields of commerce, health care, and government always steal the spotlight because they have headline- grabbing personalities and the hefty bank account to support them.

Nicholas Kristof on Social Entrepreneurship

Nicholas Kristof writes a beautiful op-ed piece on the role of social entrepreneur in today's society. I have been working in this space for the past year and agree with him entirely. Click Here.

On another note, I've been invited to be a staff writer for the World Resource Institute and will begin writing blog entries for NextBillion.net this week! I'm pretty excited about this! Check it out here.

Now What?

There winter retreat has come to an end and many of us are now asking the question: now what? I had a conversation with an individual right after the retreat and he asked me, “This movement sounds interesting and all, but what do I do now?” Below are five practical steps that you can take to get more involved in this movement:

1. Serve the Church!