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The Night Life!

The Night Life is one week away! We have some awesome performances lined up, so be sure to come and invite your friends!

This night is going to be a bit different from what we've done previously. That's because we're going to play games! Games like taboo, scrabble, settlers, card games, etc. Please consider inviting out your friends, coworkers, or classmates to chill and hang out with us (because we're cool and fun to hang out with)!

Glass Half-full

My life has strangely played out in a series of halves: ethnicity (half-Japanese, half European), childhood (overweight, above-average athlete) and (persecuting atheist, Christian school-goer) elementary (class clown, 8th-grade valedictorian), high school (honors scholar, All-league varsity football), college (pre-med, frat boy) and I managed to balance these pretty well... that is until med school. Let me explain:

Mr. Spitzer and Me

Another politician takes the fall. Should I be surprised?

This recent resignation of Mr. Spitzer is particularly troublesome to me because I knew of him as the corporate reformer when I worked on Wall Street. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Spitzer's career, in the early 2000s, the former governor made his mark by pushing for investment banking reforms and busting white-collar criminals. He was that politician that was supposed to be different.

Tranformation for the Long Haul

Wow, CORNY. In his attempt to passionately convey the spirit and meaning of the “transformasphere” movement, Pastor Seth whipped out seven colored balls signifying the various spheres in society and explained how each color correlated with a respective sphere – ‘Red is for healthcare…because of blood!’.

Redefined: CBI Semester 2

CBI has gone through much in this past semester, and it’s time for a quick update:

40 DTD: Stewarding God's Giftings

I've had the privilege of working closely in the process of securing HMCC's future home, particularly on the financial and legal end of things. It has been a joy for me because I have been able to utilize the skill sets that I gained while working on Wall Street and in corporate finance at General Motors; the years of projecting future cash flows on Excel to complete billion dollar transactions are now proving to be extremely useful!

The Often Missing Component of a Social Venture: Humility

(Note: This entry first appeared on Nextbillion.net)

40 Days to Destiny

Dear Church Family,

I just wanted to remind all of you of the start of the 40-Days to Destiny. It is my sincere prayer that everyone in our church will participate. This will be a journey of faith. We are expecting God to do some awesome things in the next 40 days (March 3rd through April 11th).

Here are some things to keep in mind as we start:

1) MORNING PRAYER – For the next 40 days we will have our morning prayer at University Reformed Church (URC) at 6:30AM instead of Campus Chapel. Please make a note of this.

Bringing Light to North Korea

To me, the Transformasphere Movement means expanding the Kingdom of God in the field that I identify myself to be a part of.

Jesus Christ: Homewrecker?

There's a question that I've been mulling over for some time: why is it that following Christ seems to entail hurting my family, especially my parents, who have done nothing but sacrifice for me - changing my dirty diapers, driving me to violin/piano/swimming/tennis/etc. lessons, putting me through private school, delivering fruit to my desk as I studied late at night?