The Whole (Foods) Experience, Pt 2

My decision to fast and seek God “coincidentally” happened to coincide with Awakening 21 and during that month I surrendered myself completely to God. All my worries about my future and career, my family, my calling, and financial problems I put it all in God’s hands and focused ALL my attention on Him. I didn’t merely want to hear and know His will, but I wanted the ability and heart to obey His will passionately and joyfully. I fasted and prayed with the plethora of promises stated in scripture constantly on my mind, believing that God is a God who keeps His promises (1 Jn 5:14-15, Psalm 37:4, James 4:7-8, Deu 4:29, Matt 16:24-25, Rom 8:28, and 2 Ch 7:14…just to name a few).

Sure enough God heard me from heaven, and starting from the day I fully recommitted myself to Christ to the end of the fast God literally answered EVERY single one of my prayers. A few of the topics I prayed for were opportunities to share my faith with my coworkers and be a light at work, opportunities to reach into the community of Ann Arbor, the spiritual healing of my family, joy in obedience, and the ability to entrust my future and everything else to His will; and over the course of the month EVERYTHING was fulfilled. (Talk about keeping your end of the bargain!)

Since then God’s given me the chance to not only share my faith with nearly everyone at work, but also build personal relationships with a few and even share the gospel message with 2 coworkers. One time, He even gave me the opportunity to discuss the gospels with a random customer! At home, my sister who had completely fallen away from God slowly started making steps to finding a home church and my father who had been struggling with pride and hate, experienced a 180 degree change and is currently striving to let his love for Christ dominate his life. Both my parents and relatives are now completely supportive of everything I am doing in life and entrusted me to God’s will. God also provided me avenues to reach into the community via conversation partners and the Bryant Community Center. I was even able to evangelize and even sing praise songs with some of my pre-Christian friends who were once hostile towards Christianity (The harvest truly is plentiful!). But most of all God has burned in my heart the joy that comes from obedience. No matter what I do or where I am in life and even in the direst of situations I can honestly say that with God on my side I can be joyful as long as I’m doing His will.

Even now I go to work every day joyful that I have another day to live for God. And the Lord is faithful; he constantly provides opportunities to love and bless co workers, share the gospel, and defend His name. I can truthfully say that God Is moving at Whole Foods Market, and I’m blessed and privileged to be a part it all.

P.S. – God WON’T STOP rockin’ at work that EVERYDAY there has been more and more exciting news that I want to add to this post. However if I keep waiting for God to give me a “breather” from His blessings this article won’t ever get a chance to be posted! I know this article lacks specificity, but that is only because it would literally take me thousands of pages to accurately explain everything. Even my close friends are saying “HOW THE HECK DID YOU LEAVE ___________ PART OUT?!” If you really want to hear the specifics or even the INSANE testimonies of God’s power that happened after I finished writing this article, come find me and ask :D.